Dawn-Marie Steenstra LPN, SDC, IC, QA

Dawn Marie SteenstraLPN, SDC, IC, QA
Dawn-Marie has been a passionate patient advocate for nearly 4 decades. For 20 years she operated an assisted living facility caring for elderly, primarily psychiatric patients. She worked with Maryland state regulators during the crafting of the state’s assisted living regulations and was the only Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the State of Maryland to oversee her own facility as a Designating Nurse.  In her nursing career she has held positions in management, staff development, infection control, and quality assurance.

Dawn-Marie has studied Cannabinoid Therapeutics since 2012 and holds multiple certifications in the history, science and clinical patient management of cannabis as a therapy in health and wellness. As a founding board member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association she worked regularly with national advocate organizations regarding regulatory issues and then Maryland’s LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission on educational practices. She frequently is asked to submit state testimony for policy adjustments related to the therapeutic potential  of cannabis and lobbies with other advocates from Americans For Safe Access and The National Cannabis Industry Association in our nation’s capital. Dawn-Marie serves on the Cannabis Nurses Network as a founding member and Speakers Bureau mentor and educator. Dawn-Marie is a National Ambassador for United Patients Group and has been actively involved in public outreach over the past 5 years on social media educating patients regarding the safe application of cannabis therapeutics in legal states.

Dawn’s vision is that nurses have a unique placement in the cannabis industry to directly interface with primary and recommending physicians in care planning for patient’s best outcomes. These  plans incorporate complex comorbidities and will focus on harm reduction with the use of pharmaceuticals in treatment.  Improving individual patient’s quality of life and relieving suffering is her mission. She believes that “Every patient deserves a trusted nurse advocate. Every patient deserves “Nature’s Healing Touch.”