Why You Should Get a Maryland Medical Cannabis Card Even With Adult Use Legalization

Dawn Marie - Cannabis Clinical Director in Maryland
With the recent legalization of adult-use cannabis in Maryland, many may be questioning the necessity of obtaining a medical cannabis card. However, there are compelling reasons why acquiring a Maryland medical cannabis card is still a wise choice, and the role of a Clinical Director in this process can be invaluable. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of obtaining a medical cannabis card and the crucial role that a cannabis Clinical Director plays in ensuring a personalized and eff...
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Now that I have a Maryland Cannabis Patient card, what do I do?

Medical Cannabis Questions
If you have medical cannabis questions regarding your treatment plans, a Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) approved medical cannabis Clinical Director is available for at no cost to patients through each Maryland licensed dispensary. If you were referred to this page from a dispensary, please visit our intake page. Clinical Directors offer consults to help patients navigate the often confusing waters of medical cannabis treatment. Dawn-Marie Steenstra has consulted with hundreds of patients...
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Patient Education For Dispensaries

Medical Cannabis Nurses
Do you need patient outreach and education events for your medical cannabis dispensary? At Entourage Consulting, we have experienced healthcare professionals who can help you reach patients and educate them about the benefits of medical marijuana and how they can become a legal patient. ALL YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK... Learn ADMINISTRATION METHODS Learn LABEL REQUIREMENTS Learn how to read a CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS Learn about CANNABINOIDS Learn about TERPENES ...
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